Zhegui upload platform system(Introduction)

  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual uploading, saving data entry time, saving manpower and improving efficiency
  • Reduce the possibility of manual errors
  • The client MES or other IT system sends data to the webservice of the system, and it can be uploaded automatically.
  • Copy the data file to the specified directory and it will be uploaded automatically
  • Perfect automatic retry strategy, reducing manual intervention
  • Good modular and versioned design, can update function modules and add new modules online
  • Automatic upload of archived data, which can be searched, viewed and re-uploaded for easy auditing
  • Unified monitoring of various uploads
  • Built-in integrated automotive industry certificate upload, fuel CAFC upload, consistency certificate upload, environmental information on-board manifest XML / PDF upload, etc.
  • Upload full history records for easy auditing; convenient for re-uploading / revocation / modification and re-uploading
  • Industry users run verification for a long time, the system is stable and reliable

System Requirements:
Windows 7 or later, Windows server 2003 or later
Relational databases, such as: Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

Main submodule / subsystem:
Car / motorcycle certificate upload
Car / motorcycle company average fuel consumption upload / CAFC upload
Car / motorcycle vehicle consistency certificate upload
Environmental upload (XML pure upload, PDF file FTP upload, PDF sent to the company's official website)
Car invoice related upload
Battery traceability upload and full management