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Zhegui print platform system

Product / Component Overview Size Release date Trial version download Trial version download Trial version download
Database PostgreSQL database,version 10.4-1, 32-bit or 64-bit. It can be installed on the same computer as the application or on another computer. (See installation documentation)
For other databases, please contact our technical support.
174M 2018-12-07 Download x64 Download x86  
Scheduler The main control program needs to be installed as a Windows service (see the installation documentation). 20.0M 2020-09-17 link(1) link(2) link(3)
Web monitoring + data reception Web management program, data receiving webservice, need to be installed as a Windows IIS site (see installation documentation)
Vehicle printing module Various printing modules for China's automobile / motorcycle / bicycle industry are optional and optional.
Including Certificate of Conformity, Certificate of Conformity, Fuel CAFC, National Central On-board Printing, Fuel Windshield Yellow Label Printing, Outside Box Printing, etc. (please refer to the installation documentation)
Print module example data file The data format can be .xlsx / .csv / .xml.
Unzip after downloading and move the files to the C: \ zg_prt_uld \ sample_data_files directory
34.5k 2019-09-11 link(1) link(2) link(3)

Please download and install one by one.

For the Zhegui printing platform system / uploading platform system, the data can be accessed in the following ways:
The user's MES system (or other) calls the webservice of the system to send print / upload data;
Trigger print / upload after manually entering bicycle data on the web;
Put data files in the receiving directory (local directory / FTP / SFTP directory) and wait for the system to process it automatically.

For example, according to the installation documents, after the installation is completed, if you want the system to print the vehicle certificate automatically, you can modify the chs_veh_prt_rls-20181218_005521.xlsx file and place it in C: \ zg_prt_uld \ data_inbound, and the system will automatically receive and then process it.
Printing will occur automatically.
Upload monitoring page to view the un-uploaded and uploaded data.
After the printing is successful, the corresponding upload data will be automatically generated and uploaded automatically (provided that the upload account is configured correctly. If the upload account is not configured or the configuration is incorrect, the upload will report an error).

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