Vehicle offline OBD environmental protection data upload software system (based on nationally released secondary development components)

  • Based on technical specifications for secondary development issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection;
  • Support national five and six emission standards;
  • Support light vehicles, heavy vehicles and other models.
  • When the vehicle is offline, conduct a communication check on the OBD system and confirm that the OBD system communication works properly before leaving the factory. At the same time, it will report CAL ID and CVN information (required for country six), including all key emission-related control units such as the engine control unit.
  • Full-automatic uploading: It can be docked with the customer's production system and supports scanning barcodes to automatically upload data to national websites. Provide webservice data interface;
  • Manual upload: support master data management, you can enter individual product parameters (vehicle data), select product specifications and model numbers, and then automatically match the corresponding master data, and then upload the data to the national website;
  • Semi-automatic upload: copy the data file to the specified directory and it will be uploaded automatically. A single data file can contain multiple product data and automatically upload data to the national website in batches;
  • Save data entry time, save manpower and improve efficiency;
  • Reduce the possibility of manual operation errors;
  • Improve work efficiency. When continuous printing, one car can be printed every 2 seconds, and continuous uploading can generally upload more than 1500 vehicles per hour.
  • Perfect automatic retry strategy for upload failures, reducing manual intervention.
  • Good modular and versioned design, can update function modules and add new modules online (without stopping application);
  • Uploaded data is automatically archived, which can be searched, viewed, and re-uploaded for easy auditing; re-uploading / revocation / modification and uploading
  • Unified monitoring of various uploads;
  • The integrity report is used to analyze the missing data of the vehicle upload (for example, a vehicle lacks the certificate upload data).
  • Industry users have been running verification for a long time, and the system is stable and reliable;
  • At present, there are users such as SAIC General Motors, Yadi Technology (electric motorcycles, electric bicycles), and special vehicles (refitted vehicles) of Nanqi.
This system is a sub-module / sub-system of 'Zhegui Upload Platform System', which runs in 'Zhegui Upload Platform System' and has all the functions of 'Zhegui Upload Platform System', without the need to purchase 'Zhegui Upload Platform' system.
When uploading, the data items used are as follows:
Vehicle identification code (VIN), production line code, production date, engine number, vehicle model (vehicle information), information disclosure number (national environmental disclosure), trademark (vehicle information), vehicle manufacturer name (vehicle information), manufacturer address (Vehicle information), brand (engine information), manufacturer address (engine information), and the following data:
							Environmental parameters-relative humidity
							Environmental parameters-atmospheric pressure
							Environmental parameters-ambient temperature
							Detection information-OBD inspection decision
							Detection information-final decision
							Test information-test report number
							Detection information-detection address
							Testing Information-Emission Inspection Results
							Test information-OBD test date
							Inspection Information-Visual Inspection Judgment
							Detection information-exhaust detection method
							Detection information-detection
							Test Information-Test Date
							Inspection process data-OBD requirements for type inspection
							Detection process data-vehicle mileage Ranch
							Inspection process data-CALID
							Inspection process data-CVN
							Inspection Process Data-Control Unit Module ID Ranch
							Test results-dual idling method-hlco
							Test results-dual idling method-lrco
							Test results-double idle speed method-reac
							Test results-dual idle speed method-lrhc
							Test results-dual idle method-hrhc
							Test results-dual idle speed method-hrco
							Test results-double idle speed method-leacmin
							Test results-double idle speed method-leacmax
							Test results-dual idle method-llhc
							Test results-dual idle method-llco
							Test results-double idling method-hlhc
							Test results-steady-state method-alco2540
							Test results-steady-state method-alco5025
							Test results-steady-state method-arco5025
							Test results-steady-state method-arco2540
							Test results-steady state method-alhc2540
							Test results-steady-state method-arhc2540
							Test results-steady state method-alhc5025
							Test results-steady-state method-alnox5025
							Test results-steady state method-arhc5025
							Test results-steady-state method-arnox2540
							Test results-steady-state method-arnox5025
							Test results-steady-state method-alnox2540
							Test Results-Simple Transient Operating Method-NOx Limit
							Test Results-Simple Transient Operating Method-HC Results
							Test Results-Simple Transient Operating Method-CO Limit
							Test Results-Simple Transient Operating Method-HC Limit
							Test Results-Simple Transient Operating Method-CO Results
							Test Results-Simple Transient Operating Method-NOx Results
							Detection result-load deceleration method-rev100
							Detection result-load deceleration method-rateRevUp
							Detection result-load deceleration method-smokeLimit
							Detection result-load deceleration method-nox
							Detection result-load deceleration method-smoke100
							Detection result-load deceleration method-rateRevDown
							Test result-load deceleration method-maxPower
							Detection result-load deceleration method-maxPowerLimit
							Detection result-load deceleration method-smoke80
							Detection result-load deceleration method-noxLimit
							Test results-free acceleration method-rev
							Test results-free acceleration method-smokeKLimit
							Test results-free acceleration method-smokeAvg
							Test results-free acceleration method-smokeK3
							Test results-free acceleration method-rateRev
							Test results-free acceleration method-smokeK2
							Test results-free acceleration method-smokeK1
							Test results-transient conditions method-vlhcnox
							Test results-transient conditions method-vlco
							Test results-transient conditions method-vrco
							Test results-transient conditions method-vrhcnox
							Testing Equipment-Analyzer Model
							Testing equipment-dynamometer model
							Testing Equipment-Analyzer Manufacturer
							Testing Equipment-Analyzer Name
							Testing equipment-dynamometer factory
							Testing Equipment-Analyzer Verification Date
							Dual fuel test results-isfule
							Dual fuel test results-faData
							Dual fuel test results-svmassData
							Dual fuel detection results-lugdownData
							Dual fuel test results-sdsData
							Dual fuel test results-vmassData
							Dual fuel test results-asmData
Vehicle model, information disclosure number, trademark, manufacturer name, manufacturer address, production date, engine number, engine brand, engine production address, exhaust detection method, emission detection date, visual inspection judgment, OBD inspection judgment, OBD inspection Date, emission inspection results, * commissioned testing agency, testing location, final judgment, etc.

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